Author: Lubos Bilek

Eva and Klaus

In 2018, for my 50th birthday, my husband and I had a crazy idea – to complete the Ironman Klagenfurt 2020 together, without ever having trained for a triathlon before. Very soon, we realized, especially orthopedically, that it was a tough nut to crack. We were close to giving up.

Then, two years ago, through an incredible coincidence, we ended up with Lubos as our coach. Right from the beginning, we were absolutely thrilled with his approach. The tasks Lubos had to take on with us as older beginners were by no means easy. … Continue readingEva and Klaus

Klaus Findt

I have been doing triathlons with growing enthusiasm since 1995. I first met Lubos in spring 2019 at a training camp on Mallorca. Following a long and interesting conversation I decided that with his great experience and scientific background he would be the right man to improve my training. Lubos lays great importance on having time for the family as well as the job when writing training plans. … Continue readingKlaus Findt

Martin Salm

Balancing family, job, and training all at once. Quite difficult indeed. But with Lubos’ plans, it works wonderfully. Lubos himself is a family man and always finds the right balance so that I can still successfully finish my long-distance races. Zurich, Frankfurt, and Roth – I have already completed a long-distance race 6 times. … Continue readingMartin Salm

Olivier Godart

The golden side of the medal is Lubos Bilek. He is the real deal. A champion that creates World Champions in professional and AG triathlon. He does not follow a dogma, every athlete is looked through an individual angle. I am close to 50 now and i still get faster thanks to his training methods. Next to our trainer/student relationship, i consider him like a brother. Together, we continue to write new chapters in our triathlon journey. Thank you very much Lubos, i am very grateful to you.  … Continue readingOlivier Godart