Eva and Klaus

In 2018, for my 50th birthday, my husband and I had a crazy idea – to complete the Ironman Klagenfurt 2020 together, without ever having trained for a triathlon before. Very soon, we realized, especially orthopedically, that it was a tough nut to crack. We were close to giving up.

Then, two years ago, through an incredible coincidence, we ended up with Lubos as our coach. Right from the beginning, we were absolutely thrilled with his approach. The tasks Lubos had to take on with us as older beginners were by no means easy.

Nonetheless, using his great experience and a keen sense of what’s good for us, he shows us every day how well this time-demanding sport can be integrated into our life with family and work. Our dreams are no longer just dreams, but thanks to Lubos, they have become a reality. He warmly welcomed us into his professional and hobby team, leading us to feel great and not wanting to lose it.

After this short collaboration, I can proudly say, “We are Ironman from Klagenfurt.” In addition to that, we completed 8 more 70.3 races. And still unbelievable for me: my participation in the World Championship 70.3 in Lahti.

Thank you for everything, Lubos. The journey with you is far from over ?.