Olivier Godart

48 years, triathlon for 13 years, starting at age 35, golf scratch player ( 0 handicap ) beforehand 

Lubos has been my coach since 2012 

The term “triathlon coach” is used very lightly these days. marginal competitors with lukewarm results, shady coaching certifications, or large amount of followers on Instagram proclaim themselves as credible triathlon coaches. It is your decision whether you want to trust mediocrity. That is one side of the medal. 

The golden side of the medal is Lubos Bilek. He is the real deal. A champion that creates World Champions in professional and AG triathlon. He does not follow a dogma, every athlete is looked through an individual angle. I am close to 50 now and i still get faster thanks to his training methods. Next to our trainer/student relationship, i consider him like a brother. Together, we continue to write new chapters in our triathlon journey. Thank you very much Lubos, i am very grateful to you.

Greatest Successes:

Kona Podium AG
2 x 70.3 World Championship AG winner
3 x The Championship AG winner
IM PB 8h 04min 70.3 PB 3h 50min
close to 100 wins in triathlon, among those 40 IM and 70.3 wins