Martin Salm

Who doesn’t know this? Balancing family, job, and training all at once. Quite difficult indeed. But with Lubos’ plans, it works wonderfully. Lubos himself is a family man and always finds the right balance so that I can still successfully finish my long-distance races. Zurich, Frankfurt, and Roth – I have already completed a long-distance race 6 times. Additionally, I have participated in several 70.3 races and completed the Powerman long-distance race in Zofingen 8 times. In 2019, I celebrated a 5th place finish in the age group 50-54.

Lubos has been writing training plans for me for 6 years. This has also resulted in a friendship. When he starts talking, I could listen to him for hours. His wealth of experience is tremendously large, and I can benefit greatly from it. And whenever I have a problem, Lubos always has time for me.

Thank you very much, Lubos, for challenging me every day and helping me progress – both physically and personally. I hope that we can continue this journey together for a long time.

Martin Salm, 56 years old, family man, and triathlete.